Discover the Rewards of Planning a Gift Wisely and Well

Photograph, Rutgers/Nick Romanenko

Do you wish could do more for the Association Alumnae of Douglass College, your alumnae organization? This website will help show you how.

Below are strategies for a gift to the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College that, in one transaction, will enhance your and your family's well being and that of the Associate Alumnae of Douglass Colleg.

We designed this web site to be interactive and easy to use. If you know already where you want to go, click on All Gifts at-a-Glance and select the gifts you want to read more about (purple column on left).

If you are not sure how the gift plans offered by the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College can help you meet your financial goals, start with Giving Wisely for a roadmap of the planning choices you have. Then enter the LegacyPlanner®, and follow the trail to the choices that will work best for you. Each option you select leads to more choices, letting you design your own gift plan. You can move back and forth in the Tree to compare the benefits of the options you are examining.

You can also -

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